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The area approximately 10 miles around the Indian Point is called the Emergency Planning Zone. The federal government set the 10-mile radius as the area requiring emergency plans for protecting health and safety in radiological emergencies.

A radiological emergency at Indian Point would mean that radioactive materials either escaped or could possibly escape from the plant. The materials would be in the form of a vapor or very fine particles that, if released to the air, would be carried by the wind. Radioactive materials would float with the wind in patterns called plumes, like smoke from a smokestack. While you could not see, feel or smell these plumes, state and county emergency workers could accurately track them with scientific instruments. The goal of emergency planners is to prevent or limit peoples exposure to the radioactive materials. The counties in the Emergency Planning Zone are Westchester, Orange, Rockland and Putnam.

Indian Point Nuclear Generating Power PlantThe planning zone has been divided into smaller Planning Areas. Each Planning Area has a descriptive name, based on the town, village or other municipality in the area. These areas are shown on the map and in the emergency information booklet which is mailed annually to residences and businesses in the planning zone.

It is important for you to know the Planning Area you live or work in, since emergency responses might differ greatly from one Area to another.

People in one area might be asked to do one thing, while people in another might take a different action or no action at all.

Officials would provide instructions on radio and TV in terms of the specific Planning Areas where actions would be required.

Those instructions would be based on the weather conditions at the time, especially wind direction, and the seriousness of the event at Indian Point.

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