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If an accident at the Indian Point nuclear power plant were to release radiation in Cornwall, authorities would activate warning sirens or another approved alert method. They also would instruct you through the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on local television and radio stations on how to protect yourself.

Cornwall NY Emergency Planning ZoneThere are 172 sirens within the Emergency Planning Zone, 23 of them being in Orange county.

When the Alert Notification System is activated, the sirens in the Emergency Planning Zone sound. If a siren does not sound, a reverse telephone notification system can be used to notify residents in the affected areas Tone alert radios and a Web-based notification system, NY-Alert, are also used to supplement notification efforts.

In the event of an emergency, local broadcast stations that serve the Emergency Planning Zone would interrupt programming to provide the alert and necessary next step information to residents. A list of EAS stations is included in the emergency planning information booklet distributed by the counties to all residents and businesses in the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone. They are also listed on the Indian Point Energy Center website at as well as the county emergency planning websites.

The sirens in Indian Point system possess full diagnostic capabilities to ensure emergency planners are aware of any system faults or failures.

Follow the EAS instructions carefully.

  • Minimize your exposure by increasing the distance between you and the source of the radiation. This could be evacuation or remaining indoors to minimize exposure.
  • If you are told to evacuate, keep car windows and vents closed; use re-circulating air.
  • If you are advised to remain indoors, turn off the air conditioner, ventilation fans, furnace and other air intakes.
  • Shield yourself by placing heavy, dense material between you and the radiation source. Go to a basement or other underground area
  • If possible. Do not use the telephone unless absolutely necessary.
  • Stay out of the incident zone. Most radiation loses its strength fairly quickly.

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