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The following are guidelines for the period following a nuclear power plant emergency:

  • Go to a designated public shelter if you have been told to evacuate or you feel it is unsafe to remain in your home. Text SHELTER + your ZIP code to 43362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest shelter in your area (example: shelter 12520).
  • Act quickly if you have come in to contact with or have been exposed to hazardous radiation.
    • Follow decontamination instructions from local authorities. You may be advised to take a thorough shower.
    • Change your clothes and shoes
    • Put exposed clothing in a plastic bag; seal it and place it out of the way.
    • Seek medical treatment for unusual symptoms, such as nausea, as soon as possible.
  • Listen to local radio or television stations for the latest emergency information.
  • Help a neighbor who may require special assistance
    • Infants
    • Elderly people
    • People with access and functional needs may require additional assistance
    • People who care for them or who have large families may need additional assistance in emergency situations.
  • Return home only when authorities say it is safe.
  • Keep food in covered containers or in the refrigerator. Food not previously covered should be washed before being put in to containers

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