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What you should do in a chemical attack:

Quickly try to define the impacted area or where the chemical is coming from, if possible.
Take immediate action to get away.
If the chemical is inside a building where you are, get out of the building without passing through the contaminated area, if possible.
If you cannot get out of the building or find clean air without passing through the area where you see signs of a chemical attack, it may be better to move as far away as possible and shelter in place.
If you are instructed to remain in your home or office building, you should:

Close doors and windows and turn off all ventilation, including furnaces, air conditioners, vents, and fans.
Seek shelter in an internal room and take your disaster supplies kit.
Seal the room with duct tape and plastic sheeting.
Listen to your radio for instructions from authorities.
If you are caught in or near a contaminated area, you should:

Move away immediately in a direction upwind of the source.
Find shelter as quickly as possible
If you are outside, quickly decide what is the fastest way to find clean air. Consider if you can get out of the area or if you should go inside the closest building and shelter in place.

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