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NY Alert - Cornwall, NY

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Summer is the peak season for one of the nations deadliest weather phenomena, lightning.
When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!
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  • Extra batteries and a spare charger for hearing aids and/or personal assistive listening device. Keep records of where you got your hearing aids and exact types of batteries.
  • Consider how you are going to receive emergency information if you are unable to use a TV, radio or computer.
  • Use a NOAA Weather Radio for Deaf and Hard of Hearing that has an adaptive weather alert system.
  • Many new cell phones and smart phones have an alerting capability that includes specific sounds and vibrations that can be set to signal users of an emergency.
  • Keep a TTY as part of your emergency supply kit.
  • Keep a pen and paper in case you have to communicate with someone who does not understand American Sign Language.
  • Write an explanation of your needs in advance. If you need an assistive device or an interpreter, write it down. For example: I use American Sign Language, I have a hearing loss and I need an interpreter, I need my (name of device).

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