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Thursday November 23rd 2017 04:00:50 EST

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Richard L. Randazzo Brendan G. Coyne
Town Supervisor Mayor

Security Notice
This system and related software and equipment are intended solely for the communication, transmission, processing, and storage of Cornwall, NY Office of Emergency Management information. For site security purposes and to ensure that this web application remains available to intended users, Cornwall, NY Office of Emergency Management monitors network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or to otherwise cause damage to the web application. Anyone using this web application expressly consents to such monitoring.

Unauthorized attempts to modify any information stored on this system, to take down this system, to defeat or circumvent security features, or to utilize this system for other than its intended purposes are prohibited and may result in criminal prosecution.

If monitoring reveals evidence of possible criminal activity, such evidence may be provided to federal, state, and local law enforcement (whichever is appropriate) when necessary, and will be punished to the full extent of the law to facilitate protection against unauthorized access, and to verify security procedures, survivability and operational security.

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 (U.S. Public Law 99-474)
Unauthorized attempts to access information, upload information and/or change information on the Cornwall, NY Office of Emergency Management Ready web application is strictly prohibited and is subject to prosecution under Title 18 U.S.C., Sections 1001 and 1030.

For security issues, please address queries to: holsen at cornwallny dot gov