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Storm King Mountain

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For Real Time Traffic Conditions in the Hudson Valley, visit NY 511 Hudson Valley Traffic Management Center

October/November 2018  Motorists have submitted numerous concerns to NYS DOT and Elected State Officials regarding seemingly worsening flooding conditions after paving was completed over the summer.  Through grassroots efforts by several members of the Facebook group, "Status of Storm King," NYS DOT is in the process of implementing an action plan to hopefully improve drainage issues before Winter.  To ensure open communications with all stakeholders, please use our form to submit your comments.  If there is a safety issue that requires immediate attention, please contact the respective Police agency with jurisdiction identified by Mile Markers or Dial 9-1-1.

May/June 2018  The 5.4 mile stretch of 9W from Angola Road in the Town of Cornwall to the Route 218-Route 293 interchange in the Town of Highlands is being repaved at an estimated cost of $3.8 million.

24 February 2017 Stakeholders attended the Second Storm King Mountain Roundtable in Cornwall-on-Hudson in a collaborative effort to continue work to improve 9W over Storm King Mountain for the safety of motorists and first responders.

28 December 2015 NYS DOT has utilized the new radio system with great success during the first significant Winter event. Many motorists complemented NYS DOT on the great attention to Storm King Mountain for this event on social media.

21 December 2015 NYS DOT has completed a pad site for locating a new electronic messaging board adjacent to the Indian Point Siren on 9W South of Angola Road.  Two additional electronic signs have been requested for 9W and Route 32 for notification improvements.

18 December 2015 NYS DOT is now able to communicate with their vehicles using two-way radios while operating on Storm King Mountain after installation of a new system for the Winter Season.

20 October 2015 NYS DOT has completed installation of new large mile marker signs over Storm King Mountain.  These are installed on the concrete median for maximum visibility by motorists.

9 October 2015 NYS DOT has assured us the new large mile marker signs will be installed on 9W over Storm King Mountain before the snow flies.  Additionally, the replacement electronic messaging board will be relocated just south of Angola Road by the Indian Point Siren once they can improve the shoulder.

25 August 2015 NYS DOT has received the new large mile marker signs and they are awaiting installation at the Poughkeepsie Regional Headquarters.

20 July 2015 - NYS DOT is anticipating shipping of mile marker signs from CORCRAFT (NY Prisons) the last week of July.

14 June 2015 - A Hit and Run Driver destroyed the electronic sign in Cornwall on 9W.  A thorough investigation conducted by Cornwall Police brought the driver to justice. The sign was a total loss valued over $22k and restitution was made to NYS.  There will be a replacement VMB in place for this Winter Season.

30 May 2015 - NYS DOT is awaiting delivery of larger mile marker signs to install over the summer on the median to help 9-1-1 callers identify their location. 

20 February 2015 - Messaging Boards Are In Place on 9W over Storm King Mountain (one South in Cornwall and one North in Highlands) and operational remotely through the NYS DOT Traffic Management Center.

18 February 2015 - Efforts are underway to place temporary electronic signs to inform motorists of conditions on Storm King, one Southbound in Cornwall and one Northbound in Highlands. We will keep you informed when they are operational.

13 February 2015 - The First Storm King Mountain Roundtable was held in Cornwall-on-Hudson, uniting stakeholders in a collaborative effort to improve the safety of motorists and first responders on 9W over Storm King Mountain.


Motorists, First Responders Anxious for Safety Initiatives on the Often Terrifying Storm King Mountain

CORNWALL-ON-HUDSON - On February 13, the Cornwall Office of Emergency Management facilitated the "Storm King Mountain Roundtable" a collaborative effort with stakeholders to improve safety for motorists and first responders on the area of 9W mired with chronic problems, especially during the winter season.

The frequency of winter weather events over the past few years in our region has caused many accidents, stranded motorists, and miles of backed-up traffic on the heavily traveled Storm King Mountain according to Emergency Manager Kurt Hahn.

You need to travel with great caution on 9W over Storm King Mountain as conditions are often unpredictable and terrifying to both motorists and first responders alike from blind curves, disabled vehicles, fog, water runoff, snow, and ice. Inexperienced motorists tend to underestimate the hazards of traveling over a mountain Hahn says.

For those who commute daily over Storm King Mountain, their vehicles require more frequent maintenance especially braking systems, pads, rotors, and snow tires during the winter season. Motorists need to drive at speeds reasonable and prudent for hazards and conditions of the mountain.

There is growing frustration with frequent incidents on 9W over Storm King Mountain from employers, motorists, and first responders.

West Point Colonel Landy Dunham said, "When we issue a Code Red, taxpayers lose over $1 Million." Safety is the primary concern to make the decision for a Code Red as most West Point staff travel over 9W or Route 218 when it is open, Colonel Dunham says.

Motorists are calling for better notification such as variable messaging signs so they can attempt alternate routes or delay their commute. Two commuters from Cornwall, Sue Petersen and Theresa Cornish started the "Status of Storm King" Facebook group which now has almost 2,300 members to help spread the word about road conditions over 9W.

First responders are pleading for help also as multiple agencies (Police, Fire, EMS) from Cornwall, Cornwall-on-Hudson, and Town of Highlands are often dispatched simultaneously to calls on Storm King Mountain as there are no easily visible landmarks for callers to provide accurate location information. Those agencies are also frequently committed to the mountain for lengthy periods of time, leaving their communities with limited resources to respond for emergenies. One recent event Storm King Mountain required all local Police for over an hour and forty-five minutes.

For two hours participants at the Storm King Mountain Roundtable discussed the history of problems and possible improvements for this season, next season, and long-term. Stakeholders pledged steadfast support to improve the safety of motorists and first responders.

Pete Teliska, Regional Engineer for New York State DOT has authorized the ordering of more prominent signs for motorists to reference over the mountain when calling for assistance or 9-1-1. This will help with location accuracy when dispatching emergency services. DOT has also assured stakeholders they will aggressively request funding for electronic signs for Storm King Mountain at a budget meeting in Albany on February 23.

Representatives included Senator Bill Larkin, Laurie Tautel on behalf of Assemblyman James Skoufis, Orange County Legislator Kevin Hines, NYS DOT, NYS Police, Officials and First Responders from Cornwall, Cornwall-on-Hudson, Town of Highlands, Orange County, and West Point.


Kurt Hahn, Emergency Manager - Cornwall Office of Emergency Management

Bill Larkin, Senator - New York State Senate

Jim McGee, Constituent Liaison/Deputy Supervisor - New York State Senate/Town of Cornwall

Tony Cavallo, Senate Aide - New York State Senate

Laurie Tautel, Constituent Liaison James Skoufis - New York State Assembly

Brendan Casey, Captain - New York State Police

Bill Pullar, Resident Operations Engineer - New York State DOT

Shahid Quadri, Resident Engineer - New York State DOT

Pete Teliska, Regional Engineer - New York State DOT

Todd Hazard, Chief - Town of Cornwall Police

Steve Dixon, Chief - Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Police

Jack Quinn, Chief - Town of Highlands Police

Brendan Coyne, Mayor - Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson

Kevin Hines, Legislator - Orange County Legislature

Walter Koury, Commissioner - Orange County Department of Emergency Services

Vini Tankasali, Deputy Commissioner, Fire - Orange County Department of Emergency Services

Jeff Armitage, Chief - Cornwall-on-Hudson Fire Department

Tave Graham, Assistant Chief - Cornwall Fire Department

William Stroppel, Captain - Town of Highlands Ambulance

Kristina Englese, Lieutenant - Town of Highlands Ambulance

Colonel Landy Dunham, Garrison Commander - West Point Garrison

CSM Joel Crawford, Garrison Command Sergeant Major - West Point Garrison

LTC Scott Koast, Lieutenant Colonel - West Point Directorate of Emergency Services

Charles Peddy, Director - West Point Plans, Training, and Security

Nils Anderson, Public Affairs Officer - West Point Garrison

Unable to Attend:

James Skoufis, Assemblyman - New York State Assembly

Randy Clark, Supervisor - Town of Cornwall

Bob Livsey, Supervisor - Town of Highlands

Pat Hines, Chief - Cornwall Fire Department

Don Smith, Chief - Fort Montgomery Fire Department

Sean Boyle, Chief - Cornwall Ambulance


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